This wonderful exclusive Island sitting in the Gulf of Fethiye is a hidden treasure.  With stunning properties in excess of a million pounds it is not surprising that the Island is known as the Millionaires Island. There are no roads on the Island, no cars and access to the Island is by river taxi either from Fethiye or Calis. It only takes minutes to cross the small stretch of sea and the moment you step onto the Island you will relax into the tranqulity and peacefulness where the only sounds are those of nature and the occasional voice.

Sovalye Island Fethiye      Sovalye Island Fethiye   Sovalye Island Fethiye

Sovalye is the Turkish word for Knight, named after  the Knights of St John who used the Islands in the 14th Century as a fortress, remains of these roman settlements can still be seen dotted around the Island with soaken remains of the earlier settlement still within the sea.  A footpath runs the entire length of the Island and takes approximately 45 minutes to walk from one end to the other.  The path meanders between the houses, through pine forests where you will capture fantastic views of Fethiye, Calis as well as Red Island.  There are steps down to the sea, with crystal clear water and sandy shale beaches.

Sovalye Island  views of Fethiye       Sovalye Island  views of Fethiye      Sovalye Island  views of Fethiye

This is definately an Island worth exploring and a retreat to get away from it all.  There are a number of small hotels with stunning sea views and a restaurant that boast one of the best sunsetsviews in Turkey. 

Ada Restaurant and Beach Club Sovalye Island    Ada Restaurant and Beach Club Sovalye Island     Sovalye Island Fethiye

There are a selection of properties on the Island from Large Luxury Villa's to Traditional Turkish Cottages occasionally a gem will come onto the market and get snapped up very quickly. There are also properties available to rent both holiday let and long term let. For Further information contact




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Af Kule Monastry and Gemiler

Posted On 02/05/2015

Af Kule is the ruins of a Greek Othodox Monastery that was abandoned at the same time as the village of Kayakoy as a result of population exchanges between the Greeks and Turkish Goverments.  The Monastery sits on the steep side of the cliffs between Kayakoy and Gemiler. From this remarkable position it affords panaoramic views of the Gulf of Fethiye, various islands including St Nicholas Island and on a clear day you can see the Greek Island of Rhodes.

When driving between Kayakoy and Gemiler the monastery is side posted down a dirt track road on the right.  At the end of this road is a carpark and the rest of the journey about 1 km is on a gravel footpath through pine forest to the edge of the cliff.  Looking down towards the sea you will see the monastery and a steep footpath that will lead you d Afkule Monastery   Afkule Monastery    Afkule Monastery


down to explore.  It is not for the faint hearted or those afraid of heights as the footpaths are close to the edge with steep drops. 


Afkule Monastery   Gemiler Koyu    Gemiler Koyu

Leaving the monastery return to the gravel road and take descent down to the sea. Here you will come to the small bay of Gemiler which is rather basic and unspoilt.  The bay looks out to St Nicholas Island with further ruins of Byzantine chapel which dates back to 5th century. The bay does not offer much apart from relaxed unspoilt views, natural countryside, a small bar and restaurant and a few sunbeds on the beach.


Between Fethiye and Oludeniz sits the ghost village of Kayaköy meaning Rock Village. Without knowlege of the past it is easy to imagine that this deserted village is the result of some unusual event, a disaster or the remains of war. In actually fact this village was once a bustling vibrant Christian Community of Greek origin who were forced to leave their homes as part of a population exchange by the Greek and Turkish Goverments on the basis of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.  According to the treaty all Turkish living in Greece were to be returned to Turkey and the Greeks living in Turkey to be returned to Greece.  The Turkish exciles who were returned to there homeland initially took up residence in the village but later moved on to more fertile areas for farming.  The village also suffered damage in the 1957 Fethiye Earthquake and has since been left unhabited. 


Ghost Village Of Kayaköy - Fethiye Turkey  Ghost Village Of Kayaköy - Fethiye Turkey  Ghost Village Of Kayaköy - Fethiye Turkey    

Kayaköy previously known as Lebossos or lebessus and later as Livissi has been protected and preserved as a museum consisting of approximately 500 ruined houses and the remains of two Greek Orthodox Churches and a little Chapel on the top of the hill with stunning views of the valley and sea below.

Today there are plans to develop the area and in September 2014 the Turkish Government announced plans to partly open the archeological site to construction taking one third of the village for a hotel and tourist facilities. 

It is definately worth visiting Kayaköy area before any development, you will be moved by the silence and captivated by the charm as well as taking a step back in time to reflect on the lives of the people that once lived here.



Property Prices continue rise in the Calis/Fethiye Area.  The prices are being pushed up by  high demand from both foreign and Turkish Buyers. In particular, the retired Turks are moving out of the big cities Ankara and Istanbul to enjoy a quiet life with beautiful weather and countryside in the Fethiye Area. 
Land prices are at an all time high making it difficult for local Turkish families to afford to live in the area that they have grown up.  2 years ago it would be easy to find a 2 bedroom apartment for less than £30,000, now it is hard to find even a 1 bedroom apartment for less than £40,000.
The recent investment in the roads, parks and roadside gardens have given the whole area an upmarket feel. The demolition of old tatty buildings, replacing them with modern new buildings has all contributed to the upward trends of the property market.
Kalkan Property Investment

Posted On 05/02/2015




Originally a small fishing village on the Lycian coast this village has developed into a small town of Luxury Villas and Apartments that have been beautifully built  on the mountains with the most incredible views of the Turquoise Mediterranean sea. This sort after area attracts the wealthy Turkish as well as international investors all looking to share the beauty and charm that this area has to offer.

View of  Kalkan Habour       Views of Kalkan        Views of Kalkan

The town has a stunning backdrop of the Taurus Mountains with narrow cobbled streets twisting down to the picturesque harbour, aligned with a small number of yachts and fishing vessels.  The original town buildings are carefully restored and occasionally a gem of a property will appear on the market.

In the old town there is a selection of specialty shops selling jewellery, crafts and clothes, as well as numerous restaurants and bars offering roof tops seating areas that are draped with vines and vibrant flowering bougainvillea with the most incredible sea and mountain views.


Harbour Kalkan       Turkish Cottage For Sale Kalkan       Historical Town Kalkan

Away from the historical area of the town there are plenty of modern amenities to cater for the number of foreign and Turkish villa owners and there are regular Dolmus (buses) to connect you to the close by towns of Fethiye and Kas  and the famous beaches, Patara Beach and the idyllic Kapatus beach are a short distance away .

Kalkan meet the needs of those wishing to buy in an area where there are numerous properties offering incredible sea views and an added opportunity to earn a massive holiday rental income. It is an upmarket historical town with famous restaurants bars. There are plenty of water sports and activities to get involved in as well as owning or living in a location with crystal clear turquoise blue and green sea and guaranteed hot sunny weather.


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