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The city of Antalya is Turkey’s principle holiday resort on the meditteranean coast and is the most  visited city in Turkey.   Having entered the scene in 150 BC as Attalia, named after its founder Attalos II, King of Pergamon the city has attracted many travellers including Paul the Apostle and Ibn Battuta. Lately is has become popular with European travellers, who after visiting the area and fulling in love with the natural beauty the vibrance that this area has to offer more and more  are deciding to stay and buy properties for holidays and retirement.  


 Antalya Antalya is an attractive city with a prize winning marina and palm-lined boulevards and character restaurants  and bars. In the old quarter named Kaleici, you find the 

 narrow winding streets, old wooden houses and  ancient city walls.


 The areas around Antalya boast beautiful beaches, pine covered mountains cascading waterfalls and Ancient  Ruins. Upper Duden Waterfalls is 14 km northeast of Antalya, here you can walk underneath the falls and enjoy  the natural beauty that the area has to offer.


 Lara Beach 12km to the east is a long sandy stretch of beach and to the west of Antalya is Konyatti beach which offers breathtaking views of the Taurus mountain range.


Saklikent is a mountain sport fanatic dream. In March and April you can ski on the northern slopes of Bakirli Mountain in the morning, then sunbath or swim in the afternoon.





Originally a small fishing village on the Lycian coast this village has developed into a small town of Luxury Villas and Apartments that have been beautifully built  on the mountains with the most incredible views of the Turquoise Mediterranean sea. This sort after area attracts the wealthy Turkish as well as international investors all looking to share the beauty and charm that this area has to offer.


The town has a stunning backdrop of the Taurus Mountains with narrow cobbled streets twisting down to the picturesque harbour, aligned with a small number of yachts and fishing vessels.  The original town buildings are carefully restored and occasionally a gem of a property will appear on the market.


SeaView Villa of Kalkan    View of Kalkan            View of Kalkan


In the old town there is a selection of specialty shops selling jewellery, crafts and clothes, as well as numerous restaurants and bars offering roof tops seating areas that are draped with vines and vibrant flowering bougainvillea with the most incredible sea and mountain views.


Kalkan Marina     Renovated Cottage For Sale, Kalkan             Historical Town Kalkan


Away from the historical area of the town there are plenty of modern amenities to cater for the number of foreign and Turkish villa owners and there are regular Dolmus (buses) to connect you to the close by towns of Fethiye and Kas  and the famous beaches, Patara Beach and the idyllic Kapatus beach are a short distance away .

Kalkan meet the needs of those wishing to buy in an area where there are numerous properties offering incredible sea views and an added opportunity to earn a massive holiday rental income. It is an upmarket historical town with famous restaurants bars. There are plenty of water sports and activities to get involved in as well as owning or living in a location with crystal clear turquoise blue and green sea and guaranteed hot sunny weather.






Aydin  is located in Turkey’s Aegean Region and is surrounded by the provinces of Denizli to the east, İzmir and Manisa to the north, Mula to the south and the Aegean Sea to the west.  It is bordered by two mountain ranges Aydın Mountains to the north and the Mentee Mountains to the south.    



The region of Aydin is home to a number of internationally known historical sites, Priene, Miletos, Didyma, Aphrodisias   and Heraklia are the principles attracted by throngs of visitors   every year.The city of Aydin is located at the heart of the    lower valley of   the Buyuk Mendered river extending down to  the coastline. It   is the principle town of this region that is famous for its fertility and productivity since ancient times. Although many    agricultural crops are grown here, Figs remain this area’s best known crop even today.




Kusadasi Beach


Kusadasi, is one of the principle holiday resorts in this region. It has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, it boasts 300 days of sunshine therefore being a popular spot for home buyers and holiday makers. Kusadasi, is reputed for one of the most attractive city of the Aegean with surrounding areas of unlimited natural beauty.














Calis also known as Calis Beach sits along the bay from the Marina Town of Fethiye with stunning views of the town and Islands across the water.  If you looking for a relaxing holiday, great accommodation with an abundance of sea views and a beach that stretches 4 kms, Calis Beach is the place to come. It has a friendly welcoming atmosphere and a Turkish Charm that keeps visitors returning year after year.

 It is not as well known as Oludeniz, but equally breathtaking in its own way.  Calis boast one of the best sunsets in Turkey with every evening bringing different colours and dimensions to the mountain landscapes across the bay. The sea is crystal clear, and safe for swimming,  gentle sea breezes are a welcome in the hot summer months when temperatures are unbearable elsewhere.

 River Taxi Calis Beach        Calis Beach and the Gulf of Fethiye         Sunset Calis Beach


               River Taxi - Calis Beach                                                           Calis Beach in August                                                                    Sunset - Calis Beach



The promenade stretches the length of the beach and is lined with hotels, restaurants and bars with a good selection of Turkish and International Cuisine and evening entertainment. Transport links are excellent, the regular local buses (Dolmus) are every 10 to 15 minutes and are easy to flag down like a Taxi Service. They go to all the local areas as well as Fethiye. Water taxis are equally frequent and make a scenic alternative to travelling on the road. 

Over the last few years this area has improved tremendously, dirt road have been replaced with brick roads, drainage systems have been improved  and there has been a lot of high quality, Luxury Villas and Apartments built, giving the area a real upmarket feel.  It is a great place to invest in property for both, holiday rentals and all year living. Unlike other tourist area, Calis stays open all year round, it is mainly flat so easy to get around and only 45 minutes from the airport.




Along the D400 the road between Fethiye and Dalaman Airport sits the lovely village of Ciftlik. Ciftlik is fast becoming a popular area for buying and renting Holiday Villas and Apartments.  The village is separated by the D400 with half of the village positioned between the road and the sea and the other part including the village high street stretches up the hill towards the mountains.  There are a lot of new properties for foreign investment offering high rental incomes as they are not only close to the sea, many villas will also have wonderful mountain and sea views.


 D400 Sign for  Ciftlik Turkey        Village Centre Stream Ciftlik Turkey         View  from the Mountains in Ciftlik Turkey


Despite being an up and coming area for Expats, Ciftlik is still very much a Turkish farming village where you will see all the traditional farming methods.  Fields around are full of crops tomatoes and salads, as well as Olive Groves and Orange and Lemon plantations and in the Pine Forest you will see row after row of Bee Hives.  If you are feeling adventurous there are some fantastic mountain walks where you will be astounded by the panoramic nature views of this area.  


Ciftlik village is in the heart of the Turkish countryside, where turtles and tortoises are often seen wandering around. Ciftlik has its own beach which is just along from Koco Calis and is an area that is famous for nesting sea turtles and the most incredible sunsets. Sitting on the Mediterranean sea the water is turquoise blue and crystal clear lovely and warm and safe.


 New Villas for Sale in Ciftlik Village              Bee Keeping in the Pine Forest of Ciftlik Turkey            Sunset from the Beach of Koca Calis and Ciftlik


 Being just 30 minutes from Dalaman Airport, 5 minutes from Calis Beach, 10 minutes from Fethiye this is a perfect area to buy your Turkish Dream Home. 








The ancient name of Fethiye is Telmessos which was one of the largest cities in the Lycian area protected by a natural harbour that is tucked away in the southern point of a wide bay that is scattered by pretty small islands.

Today Fethiye is a lively tourist resort overlooked by the ancient ruins of a fortress built by the Knights of Rhodes and the famous Rock Tombs that have been carved out of the rocks by the Lycians dating back as far as the 4th Century BC.



Fethiye Marina


In the famous Marina of Fethiye is a stunning selection of Boat, Yachts and Gulets, with daily boat trips to explore the wonderful coastline with hidden coves and small Islands. From the Marina you can take a trip to the Greek Island of Rhodes and in no time you will be enjoying the Greek hospitality before returning home to Fethiye by nightfall.

Fethiye market, is a colourful attraction, with stalls of fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs, as well as souvenirs and crafts. A fish Market close by has all the best restaurants in the area, serving freshly caught fish, cooked with Mediterranean herbs and spices.

After exploring this wonderful town you may want to relax in a local Turkish cafe these are straddled along the waterfront enjoying the breeze from the sea.  Enjoy the local cuisine and freshly made Turkish Tea or Coffee whilst soaking up the atmosphere of this friendly, lovely interesting cultural town.




Gocek is a small town in the district of Fethiye, Mugla Province on the Lycian coast. It is a trendy upmarket area a world class yachting destination and a favourite stopover for jet setters and celebrities.


This is a town is surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery yet only 15 minutes form Dalaman Airport. Property in Gocek is extremely sought after, with a selection of serene mountain sea view properties and beach front villas and apartments. 
The town has maintained it's character with narrow cobbled streets and a good selection of crafts shops, boutiques, sea front restaurants and bars. 


Yacht Marina Gocek Turkey         Town Centre Gocek, Turkey          Mountain Villas Sea Views Gocek, Trukey

Gocek is an excellent destination for holidays, and a great area for property investment as holiday rental incomes in this area are extremely high.





Gunlukbasi is a small town  between Fethiye and Calis. It is an authentic town where the Turkish culture and traditions have not been disturbed by the onset of tourist. The narrow cobbled streets meet together to the traditional triangle meeting points, where you see the men gathered together talking and playing their favourite game backgammon and weddings and other events can bee seen here too. 


Traditional Triangle Meeting Point Gunlukbasi        Wedding Circle, Gunlukbasi Turkey          Traditional Turkish Stone Cottage, Gunlukbasi

             Gunlukbasi  Triangle Meeting Point                            Gunlukbasi Wedding Circle                                                       Turkish Traditional Stone Cottage  



It is a living working town with a heart, a high street with a fine mixture of businesses, from tailors, grocers, greengrocers, hairdressers, locksmiths and other business as well as plenty of restaurants, and tea houses. The Mosque calls for prayers 5 times a day and the local council inform everyone over loud speakers of special events and the community spirit is alive.


The residential areas have a combination of traditional Turkish houses and luxury villas and apartments. The traditional houses have gardens growing exotic fruit and vegetables, chickens run freely and the cockerels crowing is a welcome for the early risers. The Turkish love their gardens and the massive displays of climbing Bougainvillea, Bottle bush, Hibiscus, Jasmine and other vibrant shrubs are evidence of this.


This is an area of real Turkish living, plenty of local buses, year round shops and amenities and the  beach of Calis is only 20 minutes walk away, 





Along the mountain road between Fethiye and Oludeniz sits the village of Ovacik in the valley of the Babadag mountains with enchanting mountain views and cooling sea breezes.  Only  3 km from the famous resort of Oludeniz and the National Park of the Blue Lagoon, Ovacik is a nice alternative for those who want to be somewhere quieter in natural surroundings to enjoy the sights and sounds of natures.  Once a small farming village, Ovacik has grown considerably of the last few years.  Large Luxury villas have replaced the Turkish small holdings leaving  few farm remnants of the past. 

Luxury Villa, Ovacik Turkey          Ovacik Valley          Ovacik Babadag Mountains  Views

There are a wide selection of properties in this area , a collection of complex apartments buildings, and Villas in the lower levels by the main road and further villas and hotels  built on the mountain slopes enjoy the stunning views of the valley below, 


Whilst Ovacik has a good selection of Restaurants and Bars, it is only minutes away from its sister village of Hisaronu, a lively    holiday resort of clubs, bars and restaurants. With Oludeniz, Hisaronu and Fethiye all close by, with excellent transport links, there is no wonder why people want to live here.






 Hisaronu Village

Just minutes away from Ovacik is the lively resort of Hisaronu.  It is a pretty village with lots of charm and character sitting in the  valley surrounded by stunning views Badadag Mountains.


 It has an abundance of shops restaurants and bars and is transformed at night by bright lights, music and dancing.  There are  plenty of quality hotels, holiday villas and apartments as well as a good selection of properties for sale. The cooler temperatures  in this mountain area is an attraction for many choosing to buy a property for all year living and is a welcome retreat for those  who have spent a hot day down on the beach.  


 Hisaranu is a self contained resort with plenty to do for everyone, it is only five minutes drive from the famous ghost village of Kayakoy, five minutes from the  Blue lagoon and Oludeniz and for hikers it has mountains trails with stunning mountain and valley views.

From Hisaronu, just a long the mountain road, down to the Mediterranean sea is one of the best resort in Europe, Oludeniz.







Incirkoy meaning fig village is located on the opposite side of the Uzumlu Plateau  500 metres above sea level favouring cooler summertime temperatures than the surrounding coastal areas.  Just 16 kilometres from the coastal town of Fethiye Incirkoy appears untouched by tourism, with authentic village houses, a traditional lifestyle and stunning natural countryside of mountains and valleys.


Approaching Incirkoy from Uzumlu       Poppy Fields Incirkoy Fethiye      Village Centre Incirkoy Uzumlu



This is a traditional farming area, for figs, grapes, olives, citrus fruits and locally produced food is in abundance.  If you are looking for a peace and quiet, stunning natural beauty, dazzling displays of wild flowers, the sounds of insects and birds, then Incirkoy is a place for you. Property is relatively cheaper in this area compared to the coastal regions and there are many renovation property opportunities as well as land for sale, country villas and cottages.   


 Traditional Stone Cottages Incirkoy      View of the plateau villages Incirkoy and Uzumlu      View of the plateau villages Incirkoy and Uzumlu



Koca Calis


Koca Calis is a small village just along the beach from Calis, it is a quiet get away from all hustle and bustle of the main resorts.  The wooden shacks that once aligned the beach have since been replaced with more substantial structures, although still in keeping with the natural beauty. The natural sea breezes and gentle waves have been discovered by the wind surfers whilst onlookers enjoy the breathtaking sunsets that are famous in this area.


 Koca Calis Turkey        Natural Beach Koca Calis, Turkey          Sunset Koca Calis, Turkey


Only 4 years ago the only way to get to Koca Calis was along a small country track amongst high grasses and shrubs, marshes and streams. The road has since been improved and the area is slowly being developed with a good selection of properties being built.  The properties are slightly cheaper than properties in other areas yet Koca Calis is a gem already starting to be discovered





Between Fethiye and Oludeniz sits the ghost village of Kayaköy meaning Rock Village. Without knowlege of the past it is easy to imagine that this deserted village is the result of some unusual event, a disaster or the remains of war. In actually fact this village was once a bustling vibrant Christian Community of Greek origin who were forced to leave their homes as part of a population exchange by the Greek and Turkish Goverments on the basis of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.  According to the treaty all Turkish living in Greece were to be returned to Turkey and the Greeks living in Turkey to be returned to Greece.  The Turkish exciles who were returned to there homeland initially took up residence in the village but later moved on to more fertile areas for farming.  The village also suffered damage in the 1957 Fethiye Earthquake and has since been left unhabited. 


Ghost Village Of Kayaköy - Fethiye Turkey    Ghost Village Of Kayaköy - Fethiye Turkey    Ghost Village Of Kayaköy - Fethiye Turkey    

Kayaköy previously known as Lebossos or lebessus and later as Livissi has been protected and preserved as a museum consisting of approximately 500 ruined houses and the remains of two Greek Orthodox Churches and a little Chapel on the top of the hill with stunning views of the valley and sea below.

Today there are plans to develop the area and in September 2014 the Turkish Government announced plans to partly open the archaeological site to construction taking one third of the village for a hotel and tourist facilities. 

It is definitely worth visiting Kayaköy area before any development, you will be moved by the silence and captivated by the charm as well as taking a step back in time to reflect on the lives of the people that once lived here.



Oludeniz and the Blue Lagoon


Oludeniz is one of the top holiday destinations in Europe having a Blue Flag rating and is frequently voted one of the top beaches in the world.  From the moment you get your first glimpse of the resort from along the mountain road that descends down into the bay, it is easy to see why.  The bay sits between mountains on the Turquoise Coast of South Western point of Turkey where the waters are crystal clear with shades of Turquoise and Aquamarine. The mountain backdrop comes alive with the bright colours of Paragliders, slowing descending from the mountains to the beach. Oludeniz is considered one of the best places for paragliding for the panoramic views and a place where Paragliders can jump from the heights of the Badadag Mountains, down to the beach.


Oludeniz, Blue lagoon National park

 There are numerous hotels, shops, restaurants and bars to choose from. Fortunately strict planning control has restricted the heights of any building in this area, keeping the hotels in keeping with its surroundings.  The shops are hidden behind mature trees that line the beach, so not to distract from the beauty of the bay.


The English translation of Oludeniz is ‘Dead Sea’ referring to the famous Blue Lagoon.  The Blue Lagoon, is an almost enclosed bay, where the waters are still, crystal clear and the most amazing colour of blue. Its shallow water makes it safe for children and is a popular spot for swimming throughout the year.  It is a Turkish National Park where access and planning is restricted to ensure that the beauty of this famous, unique place is preserved.  


Building is restricted in this area and there are very few private living accommodations in the resort.  Anyone wanting to live near this incredible area tends to choose the surrounding villages, Ovacik, Hisaronu, and Kayakoy. There are plenty of Luxury Villas and Apartment in these areas and within 5 to 10 minutes you can be laying on one of the most famous beaches in the world.




Sovalye Island


This wonderful exclusive Island sitting in the Gulf of Fethiye is a hidden treasure.  With stunning properties in excess of a million pounds it is not surprising that the Island is known as the Millionaires Island. There are no roads on the Island, no cars and access to the Island is by river taxi either from Fethiye or Calis. It only takes minutes to cross the small stretch of sea and the moment you step onto the Island you will relax into the tranqulity and peacefulness where the only sounds are those of nature and the occasional voice.

Sovalye Island Fethiye      Sovalye Island Fethiye   Sovalye Island Fethiye


Sovalye is the Turkish word for Knight, named after  the Knights of St John who used the Islands in the 14th Century as a fortress, remains of these roman settlements can still be seen dotted around the Island with soaken remains of the earlier settlement still within the sea.  A footpath runs the entire length of the Island and takes approximately 45 minutes to walk from one end to the other.  The path meanders between the houses, through pine forests where you will capture fantastic views of Fethiye, Calis as well as Red Island.  There are steps down to the sea, with crystal clear water and sandy shale beaches.


Sovalye Island  views of Fethiye       Sovalye Island  views of Fethiye      Sovalye Island  views of Fethiye


This is definately an Island worth exploring and a retreat to get away from it all.  There are a number of small hotels with stunning sea views and a restaurant that boast one of the best sunsetsviews in Turkey. 


Ada Restaurant and Beach Club Sovalye Island    Ada Restaurant and Beach Club Sovalye Island     Sovalye Island Fethiye


There are a selection of properties on the Island from Large Luxury Villa's to Traditional Turkish Cottages occasionally a gem will come onto the market and get snapped up very quickly. There are also properties available to rent both holiday let and long term let. For Further information contact




New layer...





Uzumlu Only fifteen kilometres from Fethiye, is the lovely charming town of Uzumlu. Being 500 metres above sea level, Uzumlu sits on a plateau surrounded by mountains. The scenery is breathtaking, changing with the seasons from valleys of wild flowers and orchards of Olive Trees to snow capped mountains in the winter. The weather is slightly cooler than Fethiye and has the benefit of refreshing mountain breezes making it a popular location for all year living. The name Uzumlu translates to Grape Yard, being an area for grapes you will see grape vines all round the village and growing up and over the enchanting Turkish traditional cottages.


 Uzumlu - Valley View          Uzumlu Villa Centre            Uzumlu Village Triangle


                  Uzumlu - Valley View                                                        Uzumlu - Village Centre                                                                       Uzumlu - Village Triangle


The village is a traditional weaving area, where you will see the locals inside the open front house in the centre of the village working with a loom producing the local Dastar fabric which is a cotton woven fabric used for table clothes, scarves and clothes.  The village has an abundance of restaurants, serving traditional Turkish Cuisine as well as dishes to suit the Western Tastes. There are plenty of shops to choose from and at the  weekly market you will be amazed at the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from.  

There are many properties for sale in Uzumlu, from traditional Turkish cottages to Luxury Mountainside Villas and land can be purchase relatively cheaply to build your own dream home. Luckily there are also strict planning laws in this area to ensure that the village retains its character and charm.

For those who are looking for even more rural areas than Uzumlu, within the valleys and and surrounding mountains area are the villages of, Kizibel, Nif Kadianda, and Incikoy.










If you visit Sarigerme you will be pleasantly surprised, considering it is one of the closest beach resort to Dalaman Airport it is not over commercialised and has managed to develop, whilst providing both Hotel and Villa Holiday Accommodation without compromising the natural beauty and culture of this farming region.

When leaving Dalaman Airport you approach Sarigerme via a small country lane lined with fields of Olives, Oranges, pomegranate trees, crops of maze and corn.  This Lush Valley of Crops and fruits is surrounded by Pine Clad Mountains and roadside of wild flowers with enchanting sounds of insects and birds. 


 Sarigerme High Street         View of Sarigerme, Turkey           Sarigerme Beach


             Sarigerme High Street                                                                 Sarigerme                                                                               Sarigerme Beach



The village of Sarigerme is still relatively small, despite this, it is self contained with a good variety of shops, restaurants and bars and a Sunday Market. The beach is a short walk away and as soon as you arrive on the beach you will immediately know why this is such a popular resort.  It has crystal clear turquoise blue sea, a golden sanded beach that stretches seven kilometres, shallow waters that are fantastic for family bathing, and an abundance of water sports.  

There are very few properties available for sale in this area, although more of the land is being sold for development. Mountain Villas offer stunning views of either the sea or countryside, whilst lowland villas give you a really cultural experience in the heart of this very welcoming Turkish community.