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What nationalities can buy a house in Turkey?

Turkey has a reciprocal agreement for the purchase of land and properties with the following countries; Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, England,Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Norway, Australia, France, Greece, and some other African and South American states.


What documentation will I need?

Your passport is the only documentation you will need to purchase a property in Turkey.


Do I need to obtain citizenship before I buy?

No, non citizens and non residents can buy a property in Turkey


Do I need a visa entering Turkey?

Yes, most nationalities require a Visa to enter Turkey. This can be obtained at Immigration once you arrive in Turkey - Visitors Visas currently cost 10 Euro for an Irish National and STG 10 Pound for a UK Citizen. Prices vary depending on nationality, so if you hold another passport, please check with your local Turkish Embassy.


How long can I stay in Turkey on a normal visitors visa?

Visitor Visas are valid for 3 months. 


Do I need to open a bank account in Turkey?

Most people do open bank accounts so funds can be transferred prior to travelling and so funds are available for contract completion. Direct Debits can also be set up to pay utility bills.


As a property owner, do I need to register for tax?

Yes, but this is a very straight forward procedure which we can guide you through.


Can I get an house and contents insurance in Turkey?

Yes, many well known international insurance companies and local Turkish companies offer building and contents insurance. Earthquake Insurance is now compulsory in Turkey and is readily available and a straight forward transaction.


How will I set up Utility Services, Gas, Electricity, Phone?

As part of the buying process we will assist you to do this. Telephone Lines are offered to non nationals who gets residence permit for 5-10 years in Turkey. Mobile phones with Pay As You Go Cards are readily available.


Is Satelitte TV available in Turkey?

Yes, a wide range of satellite TV services are available in Turkey.


Will I be able to rent my property on a long or short term basis and if so what can I expect to get rental?

Turkey is an ever increasing destination for Europeans, and resorts are also popular with Turkish tourists during the summer months.Long term Rentals are normally on 6 months or 1 Year Basis. 6 month rentals would normally be for summer months, so if you want to use your property, then long term options would not be feasible.

Properties can also be let out on a daily and weekly basis. Prices are property and time of year dependent.


If I want to sell my property in Turkey are there any restrictions and what will it cost?


Resale costs would be approximately 5% comprising of sales tax, local documentation and legal fees. Property may be sold to Turkish, or foreign nationals without restriction.


Because of the change in law (Decree 32 August 1989) the lira is now convertible so proceeds of the sale of a property can be converted to what ever currency and subsequently transferred to any country you choose.


What are the medical and dental care facilities in Turkey?

Turkey has both public and private facilities available. Private facilities are to a very high standard and costs are approximately 40-50% cheaper than other European countries.


Can we get private health care in Turkey?

Yes, Private Health insurance is readily available in Turkey and costs again are

considerably cheaper than at home. Individuals who are travelling to Turkey for 3 months or less and hold private health insurance at home should be covered, but please check this with your Insurer before travelling.


Will I have to pay tax or charges when bringing funds into Turkey?

There are no government charges for transferring funds but your bank at home will charge you transfer fees and receiving banks in Turkey normally have a small charge also. There are government tax charges when buying a property and annual property taxes also.


If I sell my property, can I freely transfer my funds out of Turkey?


Yes, Turkey has a very liberal investment climate, including free (international) movement of capital, profits, dividends and salaries, free-trade zones and subsidies. Again small bank charges may apply.


What legal representation should I have when buying a property in Turkey?
Under Turkish Law, no legal representation is needed when buying or selling a property in Turkey as all documentation issued by the Land Registry Office are legally binding in their own right.



Whilst property prices in Europe are on the increase (making it difficult to buy a house in the sun) the Turkish Property market is low in comparison.Turkey is almost approaching full EU membership and with its stable economy is attracting large foreign investment companies.Construction is controlled by EU standards .It has never been a better time to Invest for the future.

We believe that our honesty, experience and quality of service will put us head and shoulders above the rest.

Turkish Houses real estate construction company is here to help you to find the best overseas property available in Turkey .

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Buying a property in Turkey is not as complicated as you may think, Foreigners are able to purchase land and property under their own names.Once a sale has been agreed an application is made to the local land registry office to acquire the title deed of the property (known locally as tapu).

A copy of your passport is sent to the Ministry of Defense for authorization which can take from 6 to 10 weeks. Once all the checks on the property or land have been carried out and the authorization has been returned from the Ministry of Defense the title deeds will be changed into your name.
Should you decide to sell your property you can do at any time and are free to take the money out of the country.



If I buy a Property in Turkey how does the payment schedule work?



Buying a home in Turkey is a much more straight forward process than in Europe. A good lawyer will advise you of legal requirements assist with payment schedule for your property and offer unlimited practical help until the completion of the sale. You don’t need a lawyer for the procedures at the Land Register Office; it is not a legal requirement. If you wish to be advised by a solicitor to verify all the process we can recommend you a reputable solicitor who speaks your language and will draw up contracts for you to sign with our company.


It is recommended  to set up a bank account in Turkey as this is the best way to transfer funds both in and out of the country and is also ideal for arranging direct debits for running costs of their new home and you should also obtain a tax number. 


When you sell your property in Turkey, you are free to transfer the proceeds of the sale out of the country.


Once the sale agreement has been made, drawing up the agreement of the proposed purchase price and proposed date of `close of sale` will be under our consideration.


The documentation will be written both in Turkish and English and relevant copies will be given to both the buyer and seller and the final copy will be submitted to the Land Registry Office for application of sale and transfer of names on the Title Deeds. This process can take up to 10 – 12 weeks.


Final Step


The last closing sale process will be held at the Land Registry Office. On this step the Title Deeds and keys will be exchanged and the balance due on the purchase price in the presence of an official interpreter.


The Land Registry Office will ensure that all debts, bills and charges on the property have been finalised and paid by the seller prior to closing the sale and exchanging of deeds. All fees are payable on the day: title deeds tax, Notary. Finally you can get your title deeds and key of your Turkish home.



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